Harmattan - A Woman We All Love

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Oh, where you gone my sweet love
oh, ecstasy of my romance at moonlight,
the sweetness of my heart pound at sunlight
why have you been long coming

And there she enters,
lifted by a royal carpet of dust
guarded by the smoothness of swift air
now she's arrayed in her glory of night gown

I can see her,
but I see through her
and there, the slender of her smooth skin
that fine tune her shape
with the curves that protrudes
and they are at the right corners.

How I could wish I could touch her
but now am about to run
but she caught me at the door
that I make a move, but there's no move

Now, I shiver, heart racing faster than lighting
and she engulfes with an air so strong,
body to body,
flesh to flesh,
and skin to skin,
and I think my heart was dead for a little second

She's hugging me next, and a touch
with a soft, cold warmth of a blanket
and feelings go unrestrained
like am in heaven, but am on earth
like am in a feast, but with a plate
like am in paradise, but am on my bed
like am in the promised land, but am at home
and when I think I have arrived,

She touches my lips
and I think I just started,
She dried off my lips
like a balm towel,
My lips could crack any soon
but am in love.
I love You,

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