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The information reaching me this evening from a reliable source in the admissions office has it that the compilation of the UNN Upcoming Merit admission list will soon start. According to the source, this is to make sure that much time is given to those in charge of shortlisting the names of those to be admitted. I was also meant to know that the Rush in this year's admission (s) is to tally with the academic calendar of 2016/17 session, where its expected that Freshers' (the newly admitted ones) would have to arrive in campus from September, 15th 2016.
The source further said that much time would be given to the committee in charge of the compilation of this year's merit list, to make sure that those credible candidates are admitted on merit since UNN primary list calls for credibility. I was also told that admission on this Merit admission list would principally be based on candidates' State of Origin (that is, whether from ELDS or Within UNN catchment Areas), and their screening (Average) score. On departmental Cut off points, the man told me plainly that UNN still reserves the right to publicise her departmental cut off points or not, but said that He is certain that there would be drastic decrease in this year's cut off points, saying that it won't be as outrageous as that of 2016/17 session. However, the man told me that as from Next week, That the departmental cut off points of some courses copied to the H.O.D's of the departments, may be made public, but the H.O.D's still reserves the right to paste it on their notice boards or not.
You already know that as admissions are about starting, what you need now is just PRAYERS. This is not time to be asking irrelevant questions. My dear, from what the man told me above, don't be surprised if that your screening score u think is "poor" fetches you admission into this coming merit list. So dear, never never you lose hope of admission this year. I know that our God that has seen you through to this level will finish it by surprising you in few weeks time.
# It_Must_Surely_End_In_Praise
Finally, let me say this, please if you have not uploaded your WAEC result, rush & do so to see your accurate UNN screening score. Also, all of you should know that your screening score is just the average of both your JAMB score, Your o-level result and those documents or credentials u uploaded during UNN screening application.
As we await the merit list, do yourself good by planning on how to run from one department to another during GS classes from this September,
Remain blessed

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