Fun Day: Abia Poly Students Remember Their Ancestors Days

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Students' week in every institution comes with a lot of fun, relaxation and excitement. While some think about it as a way of relieving the accumulate stress attending lectures have caused them overtime, others see it as a time of fun and quite a lot more other people see it as an opportunity to travel and connect with families and programmes just as some of the students of Abia Poly had gone for the Annual Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Today in Abia Poly is the Old School Day and those who could afford a costume which represents the feel of the day are already in theirs and parading themselves all round campus. From guys who dressed to be old school headmasters to ladies who dressed as old time housewives and students with their hairdo as primitive as it were in the days of our beloved ancestors.

It is quite a beautiful scene as we reminisce the days when life was better and more enjoyable. Forget about the gadgets civilization has birthed but there was peace of mind. Old school songs are being played in some corners with a team from GCre8 spicing the day up with a show stand and this has left the atmosphere totally electric. I was wowed by some costumes and almost got a lash by one old school headmaster with his long whip.

The fun continues till the end of the week as different activities have been lined up for the enjoyment of students. Meanwhile, I hope our mad men of yesterday are fully recovered and back to normalcy.

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