First Breast Cancer And Cervical Campaign Kicks Off In Unilorin

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The Leah Foundation, a pet project of the wife of the Governor of Kwara state, Mrs. Omolewa Ahmed, has started the first sensitization program alongside the Student Union of University of Ilorin in the campus to educate and warn of the consequential danger of late detection of breast and cervical cancer.

The ravaging effect of breast cancer is known to attack any category of people regardless of status or size. It is vital that all be educated on this matter to help fight the menace of this plague on our loved ones. That was the objective of this program.

A Leah Cancer Club would be inaugurated in the school to help in spreading this awareness program.

This is a call to everyone.

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Did I hear breast? Pls where are they doing the tasting?....sorry... my bad...I mean to say testing
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