Face Of Campus Season Iii Stage 2 Ends

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More than anyone else right now the Face of Campus Season III contestants are most anticipating the outcome of the stage two of the photogenic contest that ended mid night Friday.
After a dragged full week between 52 contestants who survived into the second stage of the photogenic contest, 22 contestants have made it to the final lap of Face of Campus Season III.

The twenty contestants include: Zeenat, Cynthia, Debbiedeb, Krystal, Prettybellank, Evie, Johyteembar, kween_nuella, Anastasia, jay_skido, Enny, Mimi99, Naomi09, mhizpriscy, Diamondprinz, Oluchi-4xt, Jane, Youngmist_2016, Neomisbae, wittypink,

There were two other contestants who were redeemed by the two male Judges bear the usernames: Kiraells, and Jennie_.

One of the female Judges, Whitney, gave the following list as nominees for best photogenic
picture: wittypink, Cynthia, Neomisbae, Diamondprinz, jay_skido, Debbiedeb

At the time of gathering this info the second female judge has not enlisted her own list of nominees. When she does I’ll update the post.

From the judges I was able to gather that the final stage would feature an essay writing entitled, “Why I Deserve to Become the New Face of Campus”. The contestants are meant to post their essay on the website from next week Monday to Friday before the final stage of the contest ends.

I was also able to glean that next week will be a No-Selfie Week. Contestant would be required to upload their personal pictures on their voting profile. No Selfie pictures should be uploaded I learnt.

Who is Face of Campus Season III Mr. or Miss Face of Campus? Let your votes determine that. Let me get ready to vote mine starting tomorrow. I’ll see you there.

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