Face Of Campus - Campus Most Photogenic Contest Season 2 Ongoing

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Face of Campus - which is a hotly contested battle for the most photogenic student in campus - Season two is ongoing right now on www.FaceOfCampus.com and the contestants have entered the second stage.
Last week about five contestants were eliminated. Another set would also leave the contest this weekend.
This second stage in the second week of the contest is referred to as COUPLE SELFIE where all the contestants are expected to take a selfie shot with a partner, friend or colleague.
Earlier this year Campus Punch launched this photogenic contest labeled as Face of Campus. This photogenic contest was a simple but entertaining idea invented by the organizers to give students and aspiring students in campuses across Nigeria to enjoy a pleasant pageantry kind of fun right their with internet gadgets.
The Chief Media Marketing Strategist, Mr. Isaac Okereke when contacted said, “we have a dream for every student in campus. Face of Campus is one of the least steps we are taking to make that happen. It is said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy and this is one of the risk free play students can have away from the stress of reading, and yet win cash prizes and gadgets that would improve their lot in their school life”
When asked what efforts the company is making to get across the idea to more campuses, he said “interest in the event is fast picking up and to make it more accessible we have made the event free for all entrants. We are gaining on steps to have more sponsors to the event. With this support we believe we would reach more campuses in no time. ”.
We here in Campus Punch News would follow along with the program and also bring you more news of the event.
Meanwhile we encourage every student and aspiring student to visit the website www.FaceOfCampus.com to gain more information, join or vote the next Face of Campus.

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