Do You Know This 20 Popular Slangs Used On Our Campuses?

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Nigeria students are exceptional! There's nothing you
won't hear on our campuses especially when things don't
look sexy. See some of funny slangs mostly used by
In a typical gathering of young Nigerians, there are many
words in mainstream Nigerian English that started out as
university student slang words but are now generally used
in our immediate environs.
The sad part is that, many people don’t recognize these
words and their meanings as nonstandard. Check out 20
of the most popular slangs used by Nigerian university
1. Dub: It means to cheat during exams by copying
another person’s test answers word for word.
2. Gist (sometimes misspelled as “jist”): In both formal
and informal Nigerian English “gist” now means light
informal conversation, especially about other people’s
private business.
3. G4 or Garrium oxide: This refers to Garri or Cassava
4. No qualms: This is used when you try to reassure
someone that there's no problem.
5. Form: To put on airs, that is, affect manners with intent
to impress others.
6. After one: A girl with one child prior to marriage.
7. I Dey H : I am hungry
8. Jacking: Reading
9. FFF: Friend for food
10: Clear road: To make way for someone
11. Swag: This is a pompous manner of walking intended
to impress others.
12. Aristo: A married man who goes around sleeping with
young girls.
13. Runs: It generally tends to be used to denote illegal or
immoral activities.
14. Jambite: This refers to a first-year undergraduate
student. Simply put - a sophomore.
15. Bakassi: A girls’s bum.
16. Fashi: This is used when you try to tell someone to
forget about an issue.
17. Number six: It means one’s brain or common sense.
18. Toast: To woo a girl.
19. Bone face: To snub someone.
20. Gbege: trouble
These are the ones I remember for now, It's your turn to
list the ones you know in the comment.

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