Dear Students, What's Life's Real Worth?

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Is life worth living??
Social, spiritual, acedemics, lovelife.
How does it make a perfect life altogether?
Yeah! I've been to the party, attended dinners, was at the movie, resort visiting, retreats and others. But what impact do they all make on us??
You were at the conference, attended that vigil, on the choir band, a prayer warrior, but what can you show for it? HEAVEN?
Oh sweetheart, was the head boy, a first class, you work well and after that nothing is good for the press to write about your riches and wealth? Gush! You're gone!!!!
Ohh! Romeo, where has your Juliet gone to? A party I guess. I bet you could still remember all those sweet words. If after all these sugar daddy and maga don pay you have nothing in for it, then you are also gone like what? #FLAMES#
So I say, if you want to be remembered either when you are still by the corner or when you are gone, either do what is worth writing about or do write something worth talking about.if not, your coming here will just be so useless.
As I read from a scholar, " life is useless, all useless. You spend your life working, labouring and what do you show for it? NOTHING! EXCEPT OFCOURSE DEATH. IF WE HAVE TO DIE, THEN OUR LIFE HAS NO MEANING." Though mine do 've meaning because this is what I do. I WRITE!!!

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