Can't Mouau Ever Rest Even On Public Holidays?

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It is a known fact that the Federal Government has declared today and tomorrow public holidays to mark the sallah festivities and as a result, all public parastatals are mandated to observe it.

Sadly this holiday does not extended to MOUAU because I guess we live in the moon here and are not citizens of Nigeria. Just saying.
This is not even possible for the Veterinary Medicine department of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (which is a federal university) as they are bent on defying the federal order.

While their other colleagues in the institution are busy with their exams, some veterinary are busy running their lecture calendar and some of the Veterinary Medicine students were seen hurrying to classes and some of them said they have a test this morning.

They hardly rest but what I do know that it is a prestigious discipline and one that demands so much but at least a two day break would only have been fair.

I do not know if other schools who do medicine and other medicine related courses are also put through this. Anyway, they can only complain but must take the pains and extra effort to be certified.

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