Campus Sexual Harassment: The Nightmare Of Female Students - Story Of Jane

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Campus Sexual Harassment, The Nightmare of Female Students -The Story of Jane

She woke up startled, she had been dreaming of him, the Lecturer who had told him that he wont graduate, he sat up on the bed depressed and tired, tired of everything, school and all it comes with.

Confusion set in with it, threatening to rip off the little sanity that she could muster.
The situation was destroying her peace as she lacked motivation to give her best as she always would.

She silently wished she hadn't applied to this school, or better still she remained unnoticed. She was just in 100level for God's sake and all these were already happening to her.

Right from her first day in school, Jane really hadn't any rest as admirers didn't allow her to settle well before besieging her with requests.
And the issue became worse when her Lecturer joined them too and all these made her the more miserable.

She had refused the man severally and He now went from gently asking her out to outright threatening.
He had called her to his office one fateful day and presented his request once again, but She had softly refused, pleading that she can't do what he wants of her as it went against all morals.
She further pleaded that he see her as a daughter Since he was old enough to Be her Father. Somehow that statement seemed to anger the man the more.

His initial passion turned to fury,
On walking her out of his office, he called her back and said
"I understand you can be my daughter but you are not and will never be, just telling you that unless you agree to my request, my youngest daughter who is just 10 will grow up and meet you still in this school. Nobody has ever said No to me and you wont be the first. I won't even allow you because I always get what i want and that includes you. So say yes or get ready to grow grey hairs on your first degree, Now get out of my office"
She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, only tears threatened to rain down her cheeks.

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