Campus Prostitution - Why A Growing Trend?

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Campus Prostitution - Why a Growing Trend? 

Prostitution in itself is not something that started now.It's been there right from the days of old where we have Delilah and Sampson as an example.

A lot of different life cruel circumstances has lead a lot of young girls and ladies into prostitution example poverty, early child molestation, family background,freedom,or just because they love sex.

While some of us don't seem to understand what in the world would lead a beautiful lady to sell his body for money, money of which most of them often don't get wealthy from. I mean what is the use of all the shame, pain, and the health risk if it is not going to make you  goddamn rich? 

As if that is not enough Campus students seem to be taken the business away from the street girls. I mean what do we call that highly classified immorality. Lol....that sounds funny but this is really beyond my head and grandly appalling. 

University Students have taken over prostitution and have made it a full time business.Some girls when they get into school they see it as opportunity to make money since there's no presence of a parent there.They tend to try a lot of things which ordinarily they wouldn't do if they were with their parents.

You should come to my hostel and see where girls are aggressively competing whose getting the highest sugar daddy, the richest man, or the feet sweeping sex...hahaha, I want to laugh but damn this aint funny. Why would you so proud of that?

What I'm I even saying? Wetin concern me?, someone would ask. Okay, let me come and be going, I am in my house come and beat me.  ;p

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abi, which one is your own, so some people will say..
Jul 20, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Angels at home...Devils at school.
Jul 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Single at Home, married at School
Jul 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Hmmmm people will be good at home
Jul 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

And just come to school and be misbehaving
Jul 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

A word is enough for the wise. Sounds funny tho'
Jul 22, 2017   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

Thats why is soo good to be satisfied with what you have
Jul 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

So someone cannot do his prostitution in peace again, akwa let me come and be going o!
Jul 22, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Are you saying that I should not patronize the brothels in Benin city, or the ashawo joints in Ilorin, that as soon as I arrive at unilag I'll see Lagos prostitute photos and Lagos prostitute contacts and I'll be on the highway to enjoy Nigerian prostitutes on Whatsapp.....ayam not understanding.
Jul 23, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Nice write up
Aug 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Keep it up
Aug 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Many have no contentment
Aug 21, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

And the parents are praying for them
Sep 1, 2017   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Prostitution on anoda level ....if it's gud fr dem dey shld continue ...if it's bad dey shld stop dat wat I have to say
Sep 27, 2017   |   (1)   (1)   | Reply

Most girls indulge in such acts to sustain their false public images.
Feb 23, 2018   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

Base on the idea.... We have to shun what is evil
Feb 26, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

Some students feel relieved once they are no longer under the supervision of their parents/guardian, they believe they are free and in control of themselves so they can do what ever they like, going to party, smoking, prostitution and other immortal act. most children happens to be under lock and key while growing up so when they go to school they see it as an avenue to do all they've missed so far, most times they are influenced by their peer group, they want to wear the latest clothes, shoes, hair etc child molestation, poverty and family background is a crucial reason for prostitution, some of the students that involves in prostitution wants to feels among and show off.
Feb 26, 2018   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

To some extent i dnt really blame some of them much because if our universities have nt sought out to make fees extremly high many wont dive into such unscrupulous act as many do it to pay fees as according to uniport VC nd i quote "Education is for the rich" hence the do these things to meet up
Feb 27, 2018   |   (1)   (0)   | Reply

We shouldn't joke about things like this
Mar 4, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

I'm coming..
Jun 19, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

prostitution in schoolneed to be addressed
Jun 20, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

can it be stopped??? its growing bigger and bigger
Jun 23, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

It has to be addressed oooo cuz is getting worse every day
Jun 29, 2018   |   (0)   (0)   | Reply

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