Campus Dating - How Long Can Couples Last?

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"I now pronounce you husband and wife" These are the words you hear from the altar in a wedding congregation. Family members, well wishers, and other felicitors always join in celebrating marriages, but most times they do not know the history or origin of how the newly-weds started their love story. I strongly opine that nearly all graduates met their mates in some college, polytechnic, monotechnic or university. Getting into a relationship and dating is not a new phenomenal among Nigerian university students (every tertiary institutions inclusive). Infact, it is as old as mankind itself!
UNIOSUN, ikire campus is of no exception like every other tertiary institutes, students are often noticed dating each other. They are seen together, they eat together, gist and giggle together, etc. Many of them have been in the relationship for more than 3 years and still going, meanwhile some have broken up due to reasons known to them. A typical example of this is a particular "couple", Samuel, an upcoming musical artiste and Bisola. They are arguably the most glaring couple in Ikire campus. They are often seen together, hardly would you see one without the other, bottom line is that they are nearly always together. Both students are linguistics and communication students, perhaps their closeness could be attributed to the fact that they are course and level mates. Many students assumed they were siblings due to the striking resemblance noticed, until Samuel Kissed Bisola on a live stage performance that had Beautiful Nubia in attendance. He kissed her while performing on stage, and it was very romantic.
This single kiss sold like pure water around the school for like a week. Well, personally. I feel there's nothing wrong in the "couples" issh or whatever in as much as they don't get what they didn't bargain for ( lol, u undertand na). Many students and lectures always condemn and criticize it , but I feel its okay at least "oko won lode" (husband are scarce nowadays)
Should campus dating be commended or condemned? Let's know your view about it.

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