Campus Bidding - I Want To Thank Campuspunch By Cherryk

Posted in Entertainment   |   By Cherryk   |   Jul 22, 2017   |   0 Comments


Campus Bidding - I Want to Thank CampusPunch by Cherryk

Hello I'm cherry and I'm also a member of CampusPunch.
I registered as a member newly and to be honest I was full of doubt wen I came across their gift winning.

So I just decided to start with d level 1 that is d card winning, luckily enough for me I was d last bidder and d winner of dat days own.

I got d WhatsApp num and den chatted up wit d person managing d WhatsApp acct, I was asked some questions and den asked of my phone number and d numbers network, I gave it and den waited for sometime I was about to be full of doubt wen I got an alert on my phone surprisingly I was sent an Airtel airtime from CampusPunch, and I was so happy dat dey kept to their word.

So I want to appreciate their effort of standing by their words and saying a big THANK YOU. Thank you so much.

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