Buy My Textbook Or Fail My Course

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It is quite a grave course for concern when school resumes for a new semester but students refuse to resume on time.

Over the years, I have tried to know why and some answers l got was that the students went home to "hustle" and when they have hustled enough to take them through the semester, they will return. With this in mind, l was convinced to a point but not until recently, l heard another version from the mouth of an Abia Poly Student.

Joy, who is a student of Business Administration and Management in Abia State Polytechnic, only resumed recently. She had travelled to Lagos for her holidays and was working but had to wait till she was paid before she could make her journey back to school.

When she was asked why she needed the money really bad, she said she was able to make sure she raised enough cash just to buy textbooks from lecturers else she would be prepared to fail any course she didn't buy the textbook. It is so bad that even if you have a senior colleague who has used the same text book, you must still be made to buy yours because the lecturer will not allow you make use of that one.

Every semester, they pay for books even more than they would pay for their fees and the worst of it is that you must buy from the lecturer and almost every lecturer (if not all) have their textbooks for sale and those who do not will recommend that of a colleague to you which they help the lecturer sell with their own commission. It is that bad.

I made further enquiries from some other schools and heard similar stories but is your school different or do lecturers make their textbooks compulsory and failure to buy fetches you an automatic exam/course failure? Let's hear you.

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