Beautiful Freshers Be Careful Of Wolves In Campus

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Beautiful Freshers be Careful of Wolves in Campus

It is that time in schools when the freshness of new faces during resumption becomes a thing to be cherished because the newly admitted students who have been preparing for a new life in school and also the old students who would be looking refreshed after the long vacation will grace the beauty of institutions.

At this time, almost everyone is beautiful and handsome until the stress of being in a university starts and continues to creep back slowly but steadily. So many guys will be on the block to get these fresh, new ladies who were just admitted and could hold them prey in so many ways like showing them around school, helping them with assignments, telling them about tough lecturers and how to escape failure in their courses, and many more others but these guys (most of them) will have other motives.

To the newly admitted ladies, you should be able to know when a guy crosses his line with you and caution him politely. You might be young but your maturity in thought and decisions will earn you great respect from the old boys. Do not bow to pressure and lose focus in the primary reason you have to come to the university but at the same time, except you want it, do not while away precious time with any guy in the name of a relationship. You might lose focus. Be careful and concentrate.

To the guys, sincere help wouldn't hurt but looking for random beautiful ladies to deceive will really be a bad one. We can help each other but with sincerity of purpose.

Welcome back to school Old boys and for the new kids on the block, welcome to the University where you are always on your own to learn either from the mistake of others or worse still, from your own mistakes.

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