At The Eve Of A School Exam - What Goes On In Our Mind

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Your brain is burning. Not with an overload of information, your mental faculties are aflame with fear. It's 11:39 pm, and in exactly 9 hours and 29 minutes you will probably be in an examination room, where all your worst fears about failing this course will take take a great leap towards fulfillment.

You hadn't read much of this course,you always thought there were more important, more difficult ones. Right now, no subject or discourse in the world is troubling you. You feel like a victim, but somehow it feels like you caused it. You were living in the bliss of not being concerned about this course as they took the topics in leaps and bounds and have fled beyond your keenest inquiry, and now that the narcissistic lecturer has announced a test in two days, you're completely lost, befuddled, and really scared of what may happen.
So you have spent the entire day sitting at a table, trying to make sense of anything, unsuccessfully. Time Was running out, you knew, so you kept trying,battling to cram something up there, or even understand something, with little result. You've spent a good deal of that time trying to get a miraculous revelation by relaxing your mind with android games and music, but instead they distract you, and before you knew it you couldn't remember the easiest definition you memorized moments earlier.

And here you are, sitting in this bright lecture theatre, the lights stinging your bleary eyes, your senses all dull and cloudy, and yet you keep trying to make sense of something. You're running out of time.

No, you ran out of time a long time ago. Now go get some sleep.

Read before its too late to even try.

I'm Back!!!

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it happens a lot
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Very 9c piece
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