Ask These Top 7 Questions During A Job Interview

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After leaving school and campus life graduates are faced with the real world and would need to find a job. To able to get one they would always be presented with interview situation. How they perform at this time can mean a difference between their getting the job or losing it.
At some point in an interview, an interviewer will ask if
you have any questions. At this point, not asking
questions can send the wrong messages like you aren’t
interested or not prepared.
In light of this, it is essential that you ask questions.
Prepare a number of questions to ask the interviewer
because some questions you prepared might get
answered during the interview. Below are questions that
you could ask the interviewer:
1 . What will it take to make me successful in this role?
This shows the interviewer that you have interest in the
position and are willing to be successful if given the
2 . Is there growth prospect in the organization? This
shows the interviewer that you are a visionary and see
yourself rising in the organization. It also shows the
interviewer that you intend to stay in the company for a
while. Besides you wouldn’t want to work in a company
where there are no opportunities for you to grow.
3 . What is your company’s culture like? This sends a
message that you want to fit in as fast as possible and
that’s an attractive feature to be known with. This
question also lets you know if the company is one that
you will want to work for.
4 . Are there training programs available to employees?
This draws the attention of the interviewer to your
willingness to learn new skills and grow in your
5 . Do you have any issues with my qualification? This
shows how secure you are in your shortcomings (if any)
and your willingness to learn. This feature is very
important on the job and is critical for personal
professional development.
6 . What are the next steps in the interview process? This
emphasizes your interest in the position and your
enthusiasm to be the one chosen for the role.
7 . What are the most important things you’d like to see
me accomplish in the first 30, 60 and 90 days of
employment? This question shows you’re in invested in
what you can bring to the company, and not just what the
company can do for you.
Asking questions in an interview helps you know if the
company or position is right for you. It is also an
opportunity to show your level of interest in the company
or position and to take control of the conversation.

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