You Cannot Look Into A Ladies Bag, Why?

You cannot look into a ladies bag, why?

Posted in Fashion/Lifestyle | March 06, 2020 | | by basildvalour

Ladies have this attitude of getting so well dressed and carrying along their designers handbag looking all beautiful just to match their outfit. Same was for this beautiful Nekede female student who l met in a new generation bank today at Ikenegbu, Owerri. l was invited on a tour to Owerri and getting to Weatheral, l decided to use a bank's facility at Ikenegbu where l met a lady in a Fedponek crested T-shirt and she was ahead of me waiting to go into the bank through the security door. She went on the first attempt but was rejected by the security sensitive door and was asked to withdraw. She offloaded her phone into the drawer stationed at the bank but was still with her handbag and again, the door rejected her. The security man on ground asked her to open her bag and remove everything inside of it and the items l saw in her bag made me shiver and it left some other customers standing behind her burst into both fine and crooked laughter. In this beautiful Federal Polytechnic, Nekede student's bag were her body spray, a smaller purse and nails. And one begins to wonder if she were a carpenter or studying a carpenter related course in Nekede. Some ladies bags are filled with different kinds of unimaginable things and only if you are allowed to take a peep will you end up being stunned on the things you will find. Funny enough every time you want to look into a lady's bag they would shout, "A man cannot look into a ladies bag," Bag Ko, Carpenter Bag ni. What is the worst thing you have carried in your handbags, ladies and what is the most unbelievable thing you have found in a lady's handbag?

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