Which Is Better: Living In Campus Or Off Campus?

Which is better: living in campus or off campus?

Experience they say is the best teacher and the decisions we make add up to either a mistake or a success and from both, we learn and become wiser.

This experience is likely to be passed down to those who wish to walk same path that we have walked and be better at it, to succeed where we failed.

It is a good thing that we have senior colleagues who we learn from and build our decisions upon their premises. Student life is quite a tedious one except for one who went to school without the purpose being clearly cut out and understood and in a bid to settle into the early challenges that school throws at us, we have to ask questions.

In schools where there are hostel accommodations, it is the right of every student except where there are limited spaces, to acquire a campus residence, but this is not usually the case as some students prefer off campus residence to the one provided by the school even if they were given freely.

Some still prefer the campus rooms to those off campus for reasons best known to them. So many reasons have been awarded to both sides in a bid to justify choices made by students given the two variables involved but so many at times, the genuineness of reasons come from those who live in campus.

And for those who stay off campus have come up with flimsy excuses but limited to health related problems.

As a student, we would like to know because your assessment and responses will go a long way to helping our freshers make a better decision on where to settle, which do you prefer and why; a campus residence or a lodge off campus?

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