What Kind Of Dressing Makes You Sick In Campus?

What kind of dressing makes you sick in campus?

It was just like any other lecture day and the Professor as usual was lecturing. He was among the most dreaded lecturers in the department and school as a whole.

Stories had it that he had once threatened to deal with the VC and so every student endeavored to be wary of and stay out of trouble.

So it was one unfortunate day for this girl, called Chiamaka. The prof was lecturing and something caught his attention - someone was not writing as he was teaching.

He stood her up and started questioning her. Eventually his eyes went to the Chiamaka girl, who was sitting beside the one who wasn't writing.

He then stood Chiamaka up to know if she too was writing and her dressing worsened the already deteriorating issue. She was putting on a green crop top with a black tight leggings, that practically exposed her body.

The man called her out and asked her, "Did people greet you this morning when you were coming to school?"

 "Yes", she answered.

The man continued, "I don't think because you look like a masquerade that is learning work, so people must have run away on seeing you. If you are not a Masquerade, tell me how can you wear this and come to school. In short you are a bad influence to all these Innocent girls in this class, so you will have to leave my class till you decide to change"

One poor attention to dressing and Chiamaka brought insult to herself, her mother and family, and still embarrassingly sent out of the class.

The whole thing sounded funny then, but then we need to learn that there is a dressing for every occasion.

Of course Chiamaka is a hot girl, no doubt, but then there is dressing for class, another for club and the rest. When you misplace your dressing rules, you would end up misplacing your personality at any point in time.

Share your thought. What kind of dressing makes you puke in campus? Pukes...lol

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