Unilorin dressing style -rules and regulations

Posted in Gist | March 22, 2020 | | by diamondleon

Every institution is mandated to have series of rules and regulations to protect the students interests, every institution has it own rules and regulation and attitude towards the mode of dressing of every students ,but most university do not take the issue of mode of dressing serious which is suppose to be taken with an iron fist, but the university of ilorin is a different case they are exceptional in this aspect they do not allow indecent dressing on the campus , if any student is caught violating this rule he/she no matter who they might be would face the penalty for such an act. But not all student would always obey and follow the rules and regulations , there would always be a bad egg among the fold, a thorn in the flesh and someone who would always break the rules no matter the penalty they may face if they are caught on such act, and i trust unilorin , they don't really care because due to the high level of student that have subscribed for there programmes they are looking for any kind of means to reduce that great number and use them as scapegoat for others and they sure do no how to make a good example out of a bad student , university of ilorin just have the believe just like everyone responsible person that the way you are dress is the way you are address , and because of this rules its rare that you would hear of a case of rape in the university because i believe if you dress like a religious lady no guy would have the intention of raping you ,but i am not telling all ladies to start dressing like a religious lady but if you can't you can always dress better and moderate so as not to tempt any guy to have any bad intention about you and try to make his way to your undies . And for the guys do you keep bad hair style and dress like a cult member?, even if you are not a cult member but you dress like one you would any chance of bailing yourself out ,and when you are caught nobody will listen to your story , because for unilorin they go by the rule"no time to check time" if you can't obey our rule kindly face tanke and the next thing you would see is that you are in a matric gown and graduating with an immediate effect . Someone who has an exam and coming to school as if they are going for a street party with all the make up on like a masquerade , some ladies would were tight skirts showing all there curves and the guys would be pulling down there trousers showing us the colour of there underwear ,who needs that I just cant help but wonder must of them would have a girlfriend on campus and they would be proud that they have a responsible man they are dating. The university of ilorin is just trying it best to train its students in becoming a responsible and reliable individual of the society. And lastly due to these kind of rules and regulations most parents want there children to study with them because they believe there children are in goods hands.

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