The Day I Would Never Forget As A KWASU Fresh Undergraduate

The day i would never forget as a kwasu fresh undergraduate

Posted in Gist | May 03, 2020 | Kwara State University (kwasu) | by SANUSIKEHINDE

It was a hot afternoon in January 2020, I had trekked all the way to back to my  hostel from my school alongside my friend.

We had just printed our first results as being undergraduates in KWASU; please don't ask me what it was like. I was overly excited, I couldn't wait to show off my result to my parents and aunts.

I headed straight for my dad's office who is a lecturer at KWASU; Department of English Studies.

But just then, I heard my aunt's voice from across the road (she was at my mum's shop which was just opposite my dad's workplace), "Kehinde, bring your result let's see it now" I heard her say.

Then, I stood by the road waiting to cross over to the other side with my friend. The last car I saw was still some distance away- safe to cross I thought; meanwhile there was a van parked outside of my dad's workplace which obstructed my view. So here I was about to cross and didn't know there was another car just in front of the car I thought was the last a distance away.

As I stepped into the road and just before I could say "Jack", I had been hit and was somersaulting right there on the road. I stood up and began to run towards my mum's shop where my aunt was, and people around made me sit on the grass.

Fiam! Both of my parents were out on the road and just there by my side, they were scared and hurt, I could see it in their eyes (yunno! life of an only child parents!). By this time, the person who hit me (a very sweet beautiful woman) was right there beside me too, crying).

I was rushed to the hospital and after the doctor had just randomly pressed my legs and I said I don't feel any pain, he prescribed paracetamol and vitamin C (you can trust the health system in Nigeria ).

My parents brought me home, my lecturers and colleagues came visiting and some advised that my leg should be massaged with hot water and robb #sobs, I'm not crying, lol!!

Later in the night, I got up to use the restroom and discovered I could not raise my leg my right leg, I screamed out daaaadddy and was already in tears. The next day I was taken to the hospital, they had me do an x-ray, I had to go for an x-ray on the same leg I could barely move, omo, it was tough!!! I cried ehn!

The results of the x-ray came and I had a fracture in my right hip bone, more like my pelvicbone. I was immediately admitted to the Bone adjustment center in Ilorin. Being a really happy child growing up, my freedom was just about to the snatched- because it was the beginning of my 3-month stay in the hospital. I was placed on traction (medical practitioners would know what this is) tied to very heavy stones, hehehe. I asked so many questions- "when will I be discharged?", "for how long will I be here?", "what does the future hold for me?","will I be able to walk again?", "I hope I'll be discharged before the next semester

Unfortunately I was going to be there till June. So I made new friends, sang a lot, made people laugh, ate a lot, made plenty money.

I also saw innocent children die with their parents watching life go out of them helplessly.

I began to limp on that same leg and it of course became a thing of concern. So one beautiful morning I was dressed to go back to school and my dad said "no we're going for check-up we are not going to school, but this time we'll try a different hospital".

We went and I was admitted again this time placed on the wrong treatment for 2 weeks as opposed to the previous months, wheeeeeewwww!

My physiotherapist then had told me that if I remained on that treatment for one more week, my leg would have been a complete write off!

How a day of joy was just short lived!

Have you ever had an experience where a period of joy is quickly turned to tears, and you begin to wonder, what is life?

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