Resumption Protocol FOR Covenant University

Resumption protocol for covenant university

Posted in News | March 05, 2020 | Covenant University (cu) | by diamondleon

This is to inform both fresh and stale undergraduates of Covenant University that the management of the institution has released the resumption protocol for the Alpha (first) semester, 2016/2017 academic session. COVENANT UNIVERSITY RESUMPTION PROTOCOL. The resumption date for freshers is 7th of August, 2016, while the resumption date for returning students is 10th of August, 2016. PRE-RESUMPTION REQUIREMENTS FOR COVENANT UNIVERSITY.  Confirm and Pay all outstanding School Fees/bills  Print Payment Receipt for School fees  Shop for Resumption  View and Print List of Prohibited Items  Download Student Handbook  Print Hall/Room Allocation Clearance Form COVENANT UNIVERSITY RESUMPTION ACTIVITIES. Sunday, 7th August, 2016 Arrival Protocol Step One:  All students are expected to be corporately dressed  Proceed to registry desk at Lecture theatre  All students are expected to have made a 100% payment.  All 100 level students are to login to the portal using their Application Number as username and password. Click here to print Hall/Room Allocation Clearance Step Two: Proceed to the Hall of Residence for:  Luggage Check  Admittance into the Hall of Residence  Submission of Resumption Clearance Form  Confirmation of Registered Devices  Issuance of Room Key

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