OAU Tech Store - Interview With DGC Manager Adeyemo Henry

Oau tech store - interview with dgc manager adeyemo henry

I got to sit down with Adeyemo Henry, the Manager of Deliberty Global Company Ltd, situated on OAU campus. If you could recall, I reviewed the Awesome Deliberty double Store last week in the post titled "The Best Tech Stores On Campus Every OAU Students Must know", which is essentially the first part of a series. On my return to DGC I got the rare favour of a short interview and was shown around the stores for a review of really great gadgets and their price tags, here's what we discussed... *CampuspunchOakley* - Good Afternoon Mr Henry, and how are you doing today Sir? *Adeyemi* - I'm doing just great Oakley, and I trust you're doing great too? *CampuspunchOakley* - oh I'm great. It's really nice to be back here, and thanks for the opportunity to discuss briefly on things that would benefit readers. I understand it's a rare opportunity... *Adeyemi* - We're almost always busy, but we'll always find the time for you whenever you need our attention here at DGC! *CampuspunchOakley* - Can I ask what your favourite gadget is in this particular store? A phone perhaps... *Adeyemi* - Uhmm... Hard to pick any, but I love my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, it's a really nice phone and it's got a supremely delightful design. We have in Stock both new and used devices here, if you plan to get one! We also have Iphones of different models and prices, we have BlackBerry smartphones as well, we have just about anything really... *Oakley* - What if I don't have that much money, and I want a good Android phone, mid price, good specifications, and I love gaming, what phones would you recommend? *Adeyemi*- Apparently you're using an Infinix Hot2 Which fits very well into that category... (laughs) *Oakley* - I'm obviously one for the cheap and chick and sleek! *Adeyemi*- Well there's a good phone with great design and specifications, the Infinix range of Smartphones are just great devices that won't break your account. The Hot2, the Hot Note, the Hot note 2, the Hot3, the Hot note 3, all fall within the range of 25-50 thousand Naira. In the same vein are your nice Tecno Devices of similar specifications, the Tecno Camon 7, 8, 9, your Phantom A+, Phantom 8, and so on. Not to forget the earlier Samsung Models, the S4, S3...Your HTC devices are just as nice too, HTC Desire, HTC M7, M8... These are all phones that offer good Random Accessible Memory (RAM) and good, strong processors. So the options are endless really, Injoo also in there... It's a market of a wide variety of choices really. *Oakley* - That's Phenomenal. Let me ask you a question ladies would be interested in. If a lady wants to get a laptop, with nice specifications good enough to run some Designing and programming software, but nothing like some ridiculously high 2 terabyte anything, what prices should she expect? *Adeyemi*- If she's looking for something new, she should expect between 60-70k, if she'd settle for some second hand or UK-used, a pocket armed with about 30-40 thousand Naira should get her something nice. Ladies are all for films you know... *Oakley* - Quite much so. I've already taken too much time, thanks to the Sales Manager for attending to the demanding hordes of customers! Thank you Mr Kolawole Emmanuel! *Kolawole*- The pleasure is all mine! *Oakley* - Finally Mr Adeyemi, do you offer any bonuses and extra services here at DGC? *Adeyemi* - Most certainly. You get free Memory Cards, Flash drives, chargers, and earbuds, and batteries, for purchases of Laptops and Phones. *Oakley* - That's delightful! *Adeyemi* - And of course, we offer Swapping services, so if you want to swap +money or without any additional payments for your Phones and laptops, here is your best destination. And of course we offer great Warranty terms, 1 month on Used Gadgets, 1 full year on new gadgets! You should like our Facebook page, Facebook.com/Deliberty Global, for more information and awesome deals and such. *Oakley*- Thank you very much for the time and the informative interview. *Adeyemi*- The pleasure is all mine. Hope to see you again soon! *Oakley * - No problem Sir. Next time, I'll be with the manager of another super-shop, asking those questions you want to ask, getting those answers you need. Cheers!

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