OAU Costume Day - Students Looks Shocking & Sexy On Nun Attire

Oau costume day - students looks shocking & sexy on nun attire

Posted in Fashion/Lifestyle | March 06, 2020 | | by CrazyDude

At a recent costume day of Obafemi Awolowo University one student lady stunned the whole school with her nun attire and even stole a good amount of fame on the internet. She is a final year student who chose to step out looking like a sexy nun in hot dark lipstick complete with her veil and cross. I don't know what you think about this but this baby is hot, damn! If i could have as food I'll take her as breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Of father I'll be a christian if you'll give this girl as Christmas gift" Lol. Sadly, some twitter members didn't share the same opinion like me. This were some of the tweets on the girl: edible_catering @efemenena its blasphemy pls take several seats anngreenidge mockery to the faith she_king_0509 she is holding a cross as well!!! Show some respect at least. This kind of things other religions kill for. pizzyiwearz A nun with black makeups..very short dress and looking like a prostitute lailah_moon Nigerians are funny sha. So what's the difference between she dressed with a cross and u guys fornicating, lying, cheating, insulting, drinking, having sex while single.

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