My Little Secret Of Success In Kwasu Civil Engineering

My little secret of success in kwasu civil engineering

Posted in Gist | July 15, 2020 | Kwara State University (kwasu)

Kwara state university is a very great citadel of learning, once you adhere to the rules and regulations, you can be sure to come out with flying colors.

The race to success isn’t always one that requires hard work or that complicated as my experience in Kwasu would tell, but requires following good strategies and careful tactics. Thank God the advice I held to. 

I was opportune to be admitted into the department of civil engineering in the Kwara state university, also known as Kwasu.

There you have to learn to be extra serious with your ambition. I'm a kind of person that dislikes much reading, but only read when the necessity arise.

I want to use this opportunity to thank God for the lecturer that gave me one of the best advice in educational career. He said to me, “to be successful in life takes nothing much, than to be focused”.

He furthered shared with me a trick to passing exams that has proven helpful to me. He said that I should focus more on your tests and assignments just as I would when you prepare for your exams.

And to be frank with you this little secret has made my journey through Kwasu, civil engineering a success.

Generally, tests and assignment takes up to 30 marks and the examination covers 70 marks. With this, I tried to have nothing less than 25 marks in my tests and assignment, and I made sure I got nothing less than 45 marks in the examination, averaging 70%.

With this I can boldly say I had a great grade in the University and it has helped me secure  a great job.

Thank God for the lecturer who helped me out with this.

I hope and pray this method also works out for you in your course of study.

Like I learnt, stay focus and always on your foot. To be great isn’t an easy path, but with careful tactics you shall succeed.

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