How To Deal With Youthful Lonely Moments

How to deal with youthful lonely moments

Posted in Fashion/Lifestyle | March 06, 2020 | | by bukie

According to oxford dictionary, lonely is defined as the act of being unhappy because you have no friends or people around you to talk to. A period of sad time spent alone. Loneliness is the feeling of being alone and feeling sad about it. Its a feeling of emptiness or hollows inside you. You feel isolated or separated from the world, cut off from those you would like to have contact with. It can be a vague feeling that something isn't right, a kind of emptiness, or you might feel loneliness as a very intense deprivation and deep pain. First thing is to admit that you are lonely and think about which category you fall to. Should it be because you don't have friends around you, you weren't taught to talk to your parents when it comes to matters of the heart, because your boyfriend banged someone else and you call it quit, because your friends are out and you are the only one around and all you do is to look at people through your window, you got a divorce notice, mostly it might be something bothering your mind and you can't see an understanding friend to share it with. Look at this. Have you ever tried doing something for yourself? The only time you can have time for yourself is when you are lonely. Try drawing a picture of yourself in a colourful dress, go to the movie and laugh out your worries at a disco party. Do some painting, you don't have to be a good painter to do this. Just do something crazy to kill the boredom. You can also try meditating. A way of controlling your mind and body. Just get yourself involve in some activities. Listen to a music and try following it with few dance steps. I know you aren't a good dancer but just do it for your sake. Freedom of happiness. Looking at the ways to stop being lonely, i begin from saying you need to understand the cause of your lonely mood before you can deal with it. Mind you, loneliness is not being alone. Times you want to be on your own to do some thinking and findings. But loneliness like i said its something you feel bad about. It binds your mind and soul and make you feel estranged and isolated. Understanding the fact that lonely people have their own way of thinking. Like they have this societal feeling about not being wanted in the midst of the others gathering. You see them just say hi and walk pass immediately. That's if some even wait to say hello. I agree and support the fact that says not all causes of loneliness can be easily wiped out. I expect not a mother of two children to start dancing to a divorce notice and says she's dealing with it. No! Take it one after the other. Step by step, little by little and see yourself conquering the unwanted guest who has come to change the mood. Have a nice day ahead!

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