How Campus Ladies Turn Church Sunday Into Fashion Madness

How campus ladies turn church sunday into fashion madness

Posted in Fashion/Lifestyle | March 06, 2020 | | by Oakley

It's a festival of photos and flashing lights. It's a wide kaleidoscope of beautiful colours and stylish designs. Gucci Shoes, Rolex watches, and Suits and Blazers of Italian Craft. African Ankara tailored in sumptuous European fashion. Butterfly skirts and flowery blouses, stilettos and sparkling high heels . Red carpets, vehicles everywhere, glamour and smiles pervade the atmosphere. It's an Avenue for designers and cloth makers to show their craft. It's a collage of the best and the most popular. And it's not a Fashion Show in France, it's Sunday in Nigerian Campuses. Nigerians have a pride culture. Note that I said "pride" not "proud". We are not really proud of our cultures, else we wouldn't be dumping them for European values and etiquette. Well I'm not discussing that today. Nigerians have a mentality that enjoys "showing", displaying some kind of ostentation, to appear spectacular to the awe of others on some particular days and events. You could dress in rags whenever you like, but on some days you're under the obligation of this mentality to "Show them". But then, it's not so much in normal world Churches as it is among young people on campuses. There's where this mentality is vented in full report. Attending Church services on campuses can be quite a challenge, if you're not the fashion oriented type, like me. While you're pressing your Sunday-best shirts and trousers, polishing your simple shoes and fitting your cheap fake watches, some folk are already ready for church, and why not? They've been waiting for today all week! You just pressed your clothes with Charcoal-fuelled iron, they ironed theirs 3 days ago. It's like training for a football final match, they get ready to give it everything. And when those days come, they really do deliver. Catwalks on high heels and gentle steps on Italian shoes trail the fellowships' worship venues. You, who are dressed in simple clothes, well you just walk straight to church without greeting anyone, and to your left and right and before you, you can see people saying "hi" and "hello" and "hey" everywhere and making small talk with the corners of their mouths. Nobody needs to tell you that these people are going to church with anything else other than real worship in their minds. But they'll tell you otherwise if you ask them. Girls snap about 100 pictures for their every step on the way, from the bathroom to the balcony to the Bethsaida. I suppose there's nothing wrong with looking great and awesome, but when it degenerates into flamboyant conceitedness, it becomes an eyesore. I'm not against anyone looking good, I'm an advocate of it myself, I love looking like nice and fashionable. But enough of this vanity. It's getting to a head now. Can we worship God on Sundays please, and not ourselves?

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