How 100 Level First Semester Changed My Mind About UNILORIN

How 100 level first semester changed my mind about unilorin

Posted in Gist | March 05, 2020 | University of Ilorin (unilorin) | by diamondleon

For a very long time I have always heard people who studied in the University of ilorin say Unilorin is very tough, but I would always challenge them with, "how bad can it be". 

So before I got admission into the University of ilorin I have always had my mind set that for me Unilorin was going to be a piece of, little did I know that dreams are best left as dreams.

After my 100 level first semester my mind set about Unilorin has been altered completely.

I had always dreamt of living a comfortable life in the university, so I had already made plans on how i was going to use my 100 level participating in other stuffs, while looking for a small student job to engage my self in, but really it was very tough for me in my first semester in Unilorin.

So I got admission into industrial relations and personnel management, even though i wanted to study Accounting. That was my first trial, I had no choice than to just accept my faith and go for the course.

A certain lecturer in an attempt to console me told me to be grateful for the course, because it was related to another career path I was also interested in which is human resource management.

The registrations process was another hell. I had a tough time running around the school to complete my registrations, spent hours on the queue waiting to be attended to.

To get a bus everyday to go to school was also another challenge we face and as things are right now I guess it going to continue for some time.

All this made me change my mind of participating in any kind of time consuming activities, because there were many things that was yet to be completed.

100 level first semester had a lot of challenges for me, going from one lecture to another, trekking the long distance from the school park to the department and also the faculty's main lecture hall which is MLT (Management Lecture Theater).

The distance from MLT from the park was pretty much far, so walking to the lecture theater inside a hot sun was challenging.

All of these experiences in my first semester in Unilorin helped me fully understand why students have changed the slogan Unilorin Better by far to Unilorin Better by Stress.

How did your mind set changed about campus changed after your first semester?

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