COVID-19 - How To Survive The Pandemic As A Nigerian Student

Covid-19 - how to survive the pandemic as a nigerian student

COVID-19 - How to Survive the Pandemic as a Nigerian Student

For more than 3 months Covid-19 has threatened the lives of every individual, organization, status, race and ethnic group around the world.

And the attack has not spared Nigerian students. Like many millions of students around the world, Nigerian students are thinking to themselves, “Now what am I going to do with all this free time?” "How can I stay safe?" 

Sure, there are games to play, movies to watch, and friends to hang out with (that is if the government does not catch you breaking the social distancing laws).

But there are also plenty of productive things to do during the lockdown excess free time.


Although this is not unusual for most Nigerian students, whose education is usually marred by

reoccurring strikes. It's either ASUU is on strike or students are on strike or non-teaching staffs are on


Now it is pandemic that is on strike and every student have been sent into lockdown.

I overhead one CEO saying this pandemic might last for 2 years. Lol…I’m hearing someone say, “we reject am”.

While we hope that this Covid-19 menace slows down, we must prepare our minds for the worst.


How can students make good use of the free time from the roaring pandemic?

Obey Governmental Directions

Depending on which state you live in Nigeria, there different directives been passed by the authorities to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. As a student we must learn to obey these directive whether the sound right or not. 

The most basic rules passed include:

  • stay home if you have nothing doing outside
  • wear your mask if you have to go out
  • don't shake hands
  • maintain social distancing
  • obey curfews
  • avoid crowded gatherings

It is important that we obey these rules whether or not others are. We donj not want to wake up one morning and the news headline reads, "Sam, a Unilag student and 14 others arrested for flouting Covid-19 rules". Lol, that would not be funny.

The pandemic also presents a lot of free time that can crawl into loneliness. How can you make use of these free time? Here are a few more tips to survive the pandemic.

 Watch Educational Online Tutorials

In the quest to fill in their time many young students have become consumed with porn sites. That definitely would be a bad way to use one’s youthful vigor.

Instead of whiling away their time students can show pro-activity by finding educational videos on YouTube. There is just so much they can learn online.

They are lots of online academy that they can learn, some are even free. Some examples of good online academy to visit include:,


 Get a job.

Your Covid-19 holiday period is not the best time to start searching high earning jobs. Look for companies where you can intern. What you should be focused on is to get a job where you can learn from.

This job training would go a long way in adding to your experience and improving your future career prospect.

Getting a job would keep you busy, helps you to do small expenses on your own instead of going to your parents every time for every little thing.

You can also start some menial jobs. You could start something small like:

  • poultry rearing
  • Carpentry
  • fishing

Or you could think big and build a million-dollar business niche in areas like app development, online advertising, fashion, and hair products.



Learn a new language

People who speak more than one language are generally recognized as better exposed and smarter.

Learning a new language is a good way to use your free time, which you have a lot right now.

Learning a new language would improve your mental strength, improve your social connection

Here are couple of languages you can learn as a Nigerian

·         French

·         China

·         Spanish

·         Yoruba

·         Igbo

·         Hausa

Stay Fit

When school was still in session you had to struggle to stay awake for night classes, but now you have a lot of time in your hands.

So this is a great opportunity to start sleeping well, exercising regularly, and eating healthily.

Achieve an athletic goal.

Take Point #9 a step further and work toward a specific athletic goal.

Here are some examples:

·         Do 15 pull-ups in 30 seconds

·         Do 50 push-ups in 1 minute

·         Do 60 sit-ups in 1 minute

·         Run a mile under 7 minutes

·         Hold a plank for 2 minutes


Learn a new skill.

It is said that “how rich we are is the product of our skills”. This pandemic is a good time for Nigerian students to learn new skills.

You could learn skills like…

  • Public speaking
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Self-defense
  • Negotiation
  • Listening
  • Positive thinking
  • Money management
  • Time Mangement
  • Writing Skills

They are lots of amazing books on these skill subject that you can find online.



Read. Read. Read.

When you are young it is important that you read a lot of books. It will build up your mind, your thinking capacity and your personality.


I strongly recommend that you read these five books:


Reading would go a long way to also improve your vocabulary. Students’ success in school and life is linked to the size of their vocabulary, research has shown.

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