Campus Romance: Where Does It Often End?

Campus romance: where does it often end?

Posted in Fashion/Lifestyle | March 06, 2020 | | by basildvalour

Too many times when we students get into university away from the watchful eyes of our parents, most of see campus as a new world, a new beginning, where we are free without boundaries and possibly for some it is a perfect place to sow their wild oats.
We get admitted into higher institutions of learning where restrictions are only those we give ourselves and we tend to actually do a lot of things because we have heard people who claimed they did it. Many of us see the school environment as a platform where they can do all they want, whenever they want to and however. And even when where they are coming from (home), will frown at it when it hears it, they tend to throw all caution to the wind. Severally, l have seen and heard of students who were rusticated from school because of their girlfriends/boyfriends yet people still keep them while they are in school- for the fun or for the name? l still beg to know. Some of these people into relationship with sometimes, lower level students and at other times, their course mates, do not take it outside the campus because when many of them go back home on vacation, they will go back to that one person or more which they have left back at home, in their neighbourhood. I do not discourage people from keeping campus relationships but l advice against an unhealthy one, one that is not properly defined and one that excludes all forms of moral consciousness. It should be one that helps both pursue their goal of graduating and enjoying a good future afterwards but how many of them really ends that way? Many students have kept multiple spouses in school and many of them have been severally heartbroken. How many of them have led to marriages, and how many of them have led to death. Before you venture into campus love, predict the future from today and ask yourself this begging question, WHERE WILL IT ALL END?

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