Campus Life- Life Of A Futarian

Campus life- life of a futarian

Lecture starts 8am, getting to the bus-stop (south gate in my case), you see people on a long queue as expected of good Nigerians while some are rushing straight for the bus as those on the queue are fools.

You get to the car park 7.40am and you're very fortunate to get inside a shuttle by 8.05am.

Getting to the lecture theater, you see it's filled to the brim an you wonder, "do these people sleep at home?". After struggling to get seat at the front, another lecturer comes in and tells you that according to the school time table, he's meant to have a lecture there.

Students then start arguing with each other in search of a free lecture theater. After walking round like lost children, you could only use the sport complex. The lecturer wouldn't speak loud enough for every-one to hear so you have to strain your ears to make something out of what he's saying. Inspite of your hard struggle, the person sitting next to you was busy scoring music and phones.

You wonder, why in a school of technology why there's music school? Your friend left scoring music to playing it and all you could do was just close your note in anger. Finishing the class, one of the course reps started asking of some assignment you don't know about.

The deadline of the assignment is 10:30am and your case is different from others who haven't finish, you don't even have the question. All you could do was to make use of the dubbing principle, provided you don't know the assignment, you've been permitted by someone else.

Leaving the sport complex for the lecture theater, you were told the next lecturer won't be coming.

After minutes of waiting for what may turn up, a lady beside you, introduces herself and starts the second version of the sermon on the mount.

You are through for the day and you still have to use the "survival of the smartest method" before you could get a shuttle. After not been the "smartest" for the next 20 minutes, you resolve to face the road and to trek to obakekere.

Thank God for FWT who planted trees by the road side, the effect of the sun........ To be continued #LifeofaFutarian

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