Bidding Pro – All You Need To Know

Bidding pro – all you need to know

Posted in Entertainment | May 10, 2020 | Campus Academy | by CampusPunch

Bidding Pro – All You Need to Know

Bidding Pro as we understand is an affiliate program where one registers with N3,200, then gets to invite just 2 people and rides on a smooth climb to own the latest laptops, tablets and phones within a month.


“Wow, that is super amazing!” you must say.

How is that possible?


Here I am going to show you step by step how you these system works.



Step 1: Registration

First you need to register for the Bidding Pro affiliate program. The registration fee is three thousand naira nnly (N3,200).



Step 2: Get Your Referral Link

Once you are done with the payment process a bidding affiliate referral link is supplied to you instantly.



Step 3: Get 2 People

Immediately after getting your referral link, start sharing it with your friends. You have at least 3 days to get 2 people to register under you. Doing this would help you to quickly get your gadgets in a month.



Step 4: Earn Your First Reward

As soon as you get 2 people to register under you, you are entitled to your first reward. What’s that? The N3, 200 that you used in registering would be returned back to you. Amazing, right? That’s just the beginning of the god things to come.



Step 4: Get your referrals to invite others

As soon as you have acquired your 2 referrals, encourage each of them to invite 2 people too.



Step 5: Grow in Your Rank

Your rank starts to grow as soon as those who register under you gets 2 other people to register under them.

As your team grows so your rank also increases. If all your team can get at least 2 people in 3 days, then you are automatically entitled to laptops, tablets and phones in less than a month.

3 days to get referrals is even a long time, some people can get 2 people to register under them in just 3 hours. So in a week time you can win all the gadgets you are entitled to.


Below are the ranks and their rewards







N3, 200 – level 1



N6, 400 – level 2



N9, 600 – level 3



N12, 800



Tecno Spark 4 Air



Samsung Galaxy Tab A


Grand Master

Apple MacBook Pro



N10,000 Monthly Compensation





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