Ajayi Crowther University Notice To Parents/Students

Ajayi crowther university notice to parents/students

Posted in News | March 05, 2020 | Ajayi Crowther University (ajayi) | by Kayleon

Ajayi Crowther University Notice To Parents/Students

The management of the Ajayi Crowther University just published an article online to inform parents/students about the investigation going on in the school and all students are urged to adhere to it...

1.     The under listed routine laboratory investigations and immunization should be carried out by all new students and returning students (who are yet to complete their medical registration) from home and all results should be brought to University Health Services on their arrival/return to the University.

The investigations are as follows:

1.     Full blood count

2.     Urinalysis

3.     Stool microscopy

4.     Blood group

5.     Genotype

6.     Digital chest X-ray with a Consultant Radiologist’s report.

2.     Routine immunization against Hepatitis B Viral infection and Human Papilloma Viral infection (to prevent cervical cancer) is strongly advised.

3.     Also, all Dental and Visual challenges should be addressed, i.e. appropriate dental treatment/extraction, dentures, correction of refractive errors with recommended glasses be effected before arrival/return to the University.

4.     Parents are advised to stop payment of fees into the students’ account because students will not be given exeat permit to go out of the University in order to make any form of payment.

5.     Henceforth, parents are to pay their student’s fees directly into the University’s accounts, scan the tellers and e-mail them to the students for further processing.

6.     All issues relating to banking activities must be addressed during holiday. Students will not be given any exeat permit for any banking activities as they are required to use the ATM facilities on the campus for such activities.

7.     All students are to, hence forth; register their Laptops and mobile phones with the Security Unit and with the Supervisors in their Halls of Residence.

8.     Parents/Students are to note and comply strictly with resumption/vacation dates as scheduled by the Management in the academic calendar.

9.     Students must always wear their Hostel Identity Cards.

10.                        Students who bring roller skates to campus must ensure that they bring along safety gadgets as well i.e. helmet, elbow/ankle pads etc.

11.                        Please note the following procedure for Exeat Permit:

1.     Screening for Exeat Permits takes place on Mondays and Wednesdaysonly.

2.     For students who have been granted Exeat Permits, the outing days are Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

3.     For social events, Exeat application must be submitted at least two weeks before the event and original and NOT photocopy of the invitation card must be attached, as well as parent’s consent.

4.     Applications for day-out Permit and Travel Permits must be submitted at least 48 hours (excluding Saturdays and Sundays)before the outing day in order to leave adequate time for screening and other related formalities

12.                        Visitors to Halls of Residence:

Please note the following in accordance with the Students’ Handbook of information and Regulations (2017), Page, 44, Item 5.3.20

A visitor is any person who is not an authorized resident of a particular hall. All students should, therefore, take note of the following:

1.     No visitor is permitted to enter a Student’s Hall room. Any visitor shall first report at the supervisor’s desk and sign the required documents, after which, the Hall Supervisor shall direct the visitor to the Common Room. The Hall Supervisor shall then send for the student being visited, who shall meet the visitor only in the Common Room. Before leaving, the visitor shall again report at the Hall Supervisor’s desk to sign out. If this process is not followed, the student being visited shall be held accountable.

2.     The hours of visitation are from 3.00pm to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, and 12.00 noon to 6.00pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (for student -visitors)

3.     Parents/Sponsors and family members are allowed to visit on visiting days which is third Saturday of the month.

Dr. O.F Alabi
Ag. Dean, Students’ Affairs



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