A Student Voices Out Over Stress In University Of Ilorin

A student voices out over stress in university of ilorin

Posted in Gist | March 05, 2020 | University of Ilorin (unilorin) | by diamondleon

A Student Voices Out About The Stress In University of Ilorin

Unilorin is a great school without any doubt, but the feeling that I have not gotten anywhere and the unending stress I am going through everyday is really much. It's what I call stress on another level.

Believe me I was overjoyed that I got admission into these great institution, but sometimes without being able to control and help myself, I question myself for seeking and getting admission into the University of Ilorin.

I would just sit back and say to my self "nothing good comes easy, you have to fight for something worth fighting for or is education not worth fighting for?" and just like my dad would say and I quote him "we live in a difficult world and critical time would be here and it would be really hard to deal with, you will have to struggle in other to succeed ,only the strong shall survive 'no struggle no success'.

You have to struggle to get to the peak and achieve your goals in life. So I would say to my self education is worth fighting for.

Imagine struggling and wrestling to get a bus to go to school and doing the same thing when coming back from school. Then I get home feeling exhausted and tired. To worsen the matter I might even drink cassava flakes, after all stress.

This is what most students know as garri. I would still go to bed feeling happy knowing in my heart that no matter the challenge, no matter the trouble I may face in school I know in my heart that I would definitely succeed and have different stories to tell my children.

So each day in Unilorin I face every challenge head on not looking back but looking forward to were I want to be in the next few years. I am proud to be a student of Industrial relations of the great Faculty of Management science of the greatest University (University of Ilorin) .

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