5 Effective Study Tips For Every Student In Campus

5 effective study tips for every student in campus

5 Effective Study Tips for Every Student in Campus

You will agree with me that getting into the university isn't just the the big deal, getting good grades and learning what you are there for is the big deal.

Many of us wonder, "Gosh!!! despite all the candles i burnt i couldn't make good grades" and dats because we do the right things at the wrong time or/and in the wrong way. Would like to know 5  effective study tips for every student in campus that I have proved helpful for me?
Here below are some tips that might be the remedy if followed properly.

5 Effective Study Tips for Every Student in Campus
Having an Aim: pals you will agree with me that a traveler without a destination is lost. So we are lost if we study without a reason or a definite goal. This brings us to the second tip...

Study Reminder/Time Table:
 This is a very important tip,we can't study everything at once, so we need a schedule to tell us, "at this time, dis day we got to study dis course"!! this tips also helps us use our time properly.

What is the point making a time table when we don't follow it appropriately, I learnt dat a character is not learnt in a day but with daily practice. just try everyday follow your time table 20-30mins for a course will go a long way.

Finding your reading STYLE and ENVIRONMENT:
Very important finding your style of reading, some read loud to understand while some read silently. Some are use to sounds while some are use to images. Some study in the day while some at night.


Remembering that wisdom comes from God, we should never neglect our relationship with God.

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