17 Excuses That Can Kill Your Future Dreams

17 excuses that can kill your future dreams

Posted in Fashion/Lifestyle | March 06, 2020 | | by Logicman

While many people dream of becoming better people than they were in the previous years, only a few actually do achieve the feat. Many others allow so many factors make them derail from pursuing their dreams and this is not also limited to students as they always tend to throw caution to the wind at some point. We have outlined some of the reasons why people in general and students in particular lag behind and leave their dreams ahead of them instead of catching up with them. These reasons include: 1. Fear to begin something new. 2. Worry about the resources to pursue that dream with. 3. I don't have any contacts to start with since it is now believed that one can not become successful without connections. 4. I'm not smart enough. Who says you are not? 5. I can't talk. Talking these days is a business on its own. Remember, a close mouth is a closed destiny. 6. I don't have the time. But you can spend hours seeing a movie. 7. I'm too busy. Too busy "chyking" a female student or doing some other things, chatting on social media and attending parties, too? 8. It takes too long to build and nurture a dream. Yes, it might but perseverance is key. 9. I'm afraid. Yes, moments will scare you, some others will discourage you but do not give in to pressures. 10. I don't like dealing with people. You can not achieve greatness working in isolation. It is only but people who will acclaim you a success and you have to relate well with them. 11. I'm too old. Dreams must be followed and there is a popular Igbo adage when translated means, whenever you wake is when you consider your morning. No time is too late to pursue your goals. 12. Waiting for all the lights to be GREEN. Nobody will give you the go ahead first if you haven't given it to yourself first. Create the light for yourself. 13. My friends hate me now. You might be forced to sacrifice a lot but certainly know that anyone who would not stay with you on your journey to greatness is not a friend. 14. The task seems so demanding. Nothing good comes easy, you know. 15. I'm not good at convincing people. There is always a time to start. 16. No, it involves too much energy. You should always be ready to lift a finger if you must carry your whole body up. 17. I'm just a beginner. You will not be a professional in one day. Begin from somewhere and watch yourself grow. But if they were the deciding factors, nobody would ever succeed at achieving their dreams. Lots of people overcome these so-called limiting factors, so it can't be the limiting factors that limit you. If you have a dream of hitting those 5 points in CGPA or you have one of becoming the best graduating stident in your institution, then you have to knoe that nothing can stop you but YOU!

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