Arrow Of Love

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Arrow of Love
Heavily it drops
Joule of compassion to the receiver.
The arrows struck.
Rowing like a paddle,
And gleams like gold.

The tears drops like diamonds,
As it flows through the valley of ravishment,
As the volcano lavishly pour out it's radiant.

Smiling gingerly like the sun,
As silvering as the moon even as it turns tonight,
It glows steadily,
Shinning where it takes point.
As it runs the ardor of fulfillment.

In the dark, the lovebirds never lose sight of the curtains,
As the dawn breaks it drops the dews.
As it brought the scorching light on them,
It shakes the unshakable,
And makes the fragile strong.

Smoky as the fog,
Never deserted with rocks,
Clouded with Ecstasy,
And desires never lack.

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