Apology To Miss Ginika From Campuspunch On Wrong Publication

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We want to use this opportunity to direct the public and our readers to a misrepresentation in one of our articles dated May 18th, 2018 and entitled, "Unilag Party Addict reveals with her partying rate she still made a first class"

Miss Ginika Okorafor, is a first class graduating student from Unilag of the just concluded academic session.

The article claimed she was a party addict which was clearly a lie and representation of the person of Miss Ginika.

There is no way on earth a student can be a party freak and still perform excellently well. That would be a bad moral lesson that won't fit her academic success.

Miss Ginika had an active social life while in school and wanted people to understand that they didn't need to end their social life or become secluded from the rest of the society in the interest of gaining academic excellence.

Campus Punch & it's team wishes to apologize for the mistake in that published headline.

We wish Miss Ginika Okorafor more blessings as she pursues her future ambitions.

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