An Interview With A Unilorin Upcoming Artiste, Johnson O. Moyegun

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Recently there seems to be lot of talented students who have a lot of experience. With me today I have Ollyjaey a 300 level unilorin student who has understanding of what is ahead of him.
ALEXIARDOR: what is your name,level And department?
OLLY JAEY: am johnson olamide moyegun,social work 300level unilorin student.
ALEXIARDOR: are you base in Ilorin?

ALEXIARDOR: tell me when do you start singing?
OLLY JAEY: I started singing in the year 2006.
ALEXIARDOR: what motivated you into singing?
OLLY JAEY: am in love with music when I was 2years old got passion for music went into it fully when I lost someone very close to me.
ALEXIARDOR: who was that?
OLLY JAEY: my Grandma she was my best friend I did a tribute for her and since then music is the only thing keeping me going.
ALEXIARDOR: what was it like for your parent when they discover ur talent?
OLLY JAEY: my dad is late and my mum had to leave me because she trust my judgement and she support me even financially for my alburm.
ALEXIARDOR: tell me as a student of unilorin how do u cope with your music and schooling ?

OLLY JAEY: well there is time for everything they say I don't joke with my academic same with music I do most of my music work during weekend and once it Monday I get back to school it doesn't affect my study.
ALEXIARDOR: tell me how your first stage was like?
OLLY JAEY: I was little bit shy because they audience were been cantankerous then I realize I was just coming up.
ALEXIARDOR: which year and venue was this stage?
OLLY JAEY: in the year 2008 at a birthday party Oyo state ogbomosho at under-G.
ALEXIARDOR: tell me your first song?
OLLY JAEY: my first singe was true love.
ALEXIARDOR: when and where was the song produce?
OLLY JAEY: I feature another artist called T'blaiz it was produce in the year 2010 by EMMYKOMSON with the record label coded mind music.
ALEXIARDOR:when did you join the record label?
OLLY JAEY: coded mind music started fully last year because I was in JVJ before it happen that 3 artist quite music so it remain 3 artist myself vycer & J'liwiz also got singed to different label but I have no album for now just singles.
ALEXIARDOR: tell me the title of your songs and hope fances love them?
OLLY JAEY: they are ololufe, pathfinder,komole,the one including Orin ni. Yes they do love it.
ALEXIARDOR: have you ever performed in unilorin events?
OLLY JAEY: yes I did,I performed in sociology and law departmental dinner in the year 2013.
ALEXIARDOR: are you single?
OLLY JAEY: hmmm No. Am dating.
ALEXIARDOR: who is that special girl in your life?

OLLY JAEY:hmmm she oyin by name.that all I have to say about it.
ALEXIARDOR: what do u have for your fans out there?
OLLY JAEY: for my super fans out there I appreciate you undying love without you there won't be OLLY JAEY by best is here to come just don't give up on me one love.
ALEXIARDOR: what do you have to advice upcoming talented student in unilorin?
OLLY JAEY: my advice is that never give up on your dreams, keep your game tight, clear goals, increase your confidence, develop your competence and boast your level of motivation. Am proud to be a unilorite nothing more than unilorin is the best.
ALEXIARDOR: hope you don't mind interving next time?
OLLY JAEY: ama be there right on time.
ALEXIARDOR: thanks to everyone.

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