Absu Student Of Optometry Shocks Everyone, Commits Sucide

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Absu Student of Optometry Shocks Everyone, Commits Sucide

The students of Abia State University woke up early Monday morning to a sad news that one of their school mate has passed away by taking his own life over the night.

The Absu undergraduate student who was studying Optometry has shocked everyone to the marrow, to hear that the once spirited, always cheerful young man has committed suicide.

The sudden demise has brought a chill over the bones of students around the campus whose discussions are constantly being broken with the painful news.

Rumours has it that the young man, who is identified as Wilson Chukwudi, was an extra year student for a second academic year. It is being opined by the gossip flying around school that he must have taken his life away out of the accumulated frustration from poor grades, worry over a diming future career prospect and the overwhelming shame and stress that has taken tolls on him.

We cannot be sure what must have been the entire story surrounding his sudden hopeless decision, but we can only hope to hear more gist about him coming along before the week runs out.

If you've heard anything you can share it us here too.

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