Abia Poly Student Receives Slaps For Staring At A Lady's Back

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As a bird free from troubles with a full stomach just hovering, blowing whistles along the way and thanking God how wonderful He has made the day, I stumbled at a scene that got me almost rolling on the floor with laughter but on a second thought, l felt the act was more of stupidity than humour.

It happened in Abia State Polytechnic, Aba gate 1 this afternoon where l went to cool off and enjoy the view of everything beautifully and wonderfully made and it happened that a student of the polytechnic escaped death by whiskers from a speeding police van belonging to the Owerrinta police division but he never missed to get some brain resetting slaps which were better than encountering death.

This fine young guy with well shaved beards looking so good in his starched and well ironed shirt and blue jean trousers with a fashionable pair of black shoes was walking on the road and didn't know when he stepped into the major road and was almost hit by an oncoming patrol van from behind him. He lost grip of himself as he was busy staring at the backside of a female student who was walking in front of him and lost grip of himself to the extent that he left the walk track and entered the express road. He was so lucky he only got some few slaps from the policemen on patrol and other students couldn't help but laugh when he gesticulated what he was staring at that almost got him killed.

Guys, when you see a lady and continue to stare at her "massive" backside, what do you see; what is so special in it that can cost you your life?

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