Abia Poly First Class Student Murders Grammar

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But why do ladies that form the most, flaw the most?

So it was on this day, the social day of the Business And Management Students of the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba and l was duly invited to come and feed my eyes by my friend since l was still around the campus.

The event kick started and we all seem to be having a nice time and feeling all relaxed and calm.

Some guys were holding on to their girls and as an invitee, l had nothing to hold on to than my disposal cup of grape wine and that was all where l went wrong.

 There a very pretty lady, one you would think has Obama as father, came close to where l was seated and said hi with a wave of her hand and l responded giving her the go ahead to join me as l was the odd man out.

Sandra, as she called herself joined me and we shared some talk time and then she asked to take a sip from my cup.

She was disappointed l wasn't doing alcohol and thought l was not man enough.

 She left and moved on to some other guy. I never knew she was the department's first lady.

Later on, the same Sandra was called upon to present an address and l couldn't help but hold my head from leaving my body.

 "I gladingly welcome you all to this year BAM week and l believe you are having fun. I don't have too much to say and l want everyone to enjoy yourself because that is why we has all make today special. Thank you," she said.

 I tapped my friend and asked him who the lady was and l was told she tops the department. I almost fainted.

I know English is not our language but that doesn't give us a reason to speak bad English, we should try take it seriously.

Now I was thanking God that I didn't know how to take alcohol. Lol, I'm sure you're smiling now..

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