Aaua Student Protest - Lingering Causes & Effects

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AAUA Student Protest - Lingering Causes & Effects
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IS ALUTA CONTINUA REALLY VICTORIA ASCERTA? In a sudden turn of events there was an uncontrollable breakdown of the school academic calendar, law and order and destruction of properties in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Ondo State, Nigeria University community and its host community due to the hijacked protest by AAUA students which went haywire was as a result of certain unseen forces.
I vehemently condemn the destruction of properties in both communities (school and Akungba community) but the milk has already been spilt; So we ask, "are we going to try hand pick a few milk from the ground and manage it or buy a new one?" For every action there is a equal or opposite reaction. The action the students have displayed would of course be met with a reaction(s) but before we put the cart before the horse, let's discuss some issues that might have triggered the whole hullabaloo.
The death of Afolabi-of blessed memory- was just an avenue for aggrieved students to display their anger. Issues include;
1. Inadequate health facility: people have gone times without number to the health center sick and were just given paracetamol, sometimes you would be told to get the rest of the drugs outside, while some "duly" or "forcefully" discharged patients eventually fall sick again and this time worse off. Inclusively inadequate bed space at the clinic, sometimes people are treated on the chair.
2. Undue Charges: students are now charged for the slightest mistake which is afar from the norm. Some new intakes were charged #9000 for having their names in second batch of the admission list, buying of registration file for #80 and three is needed, #5000 for correction on course form whether the student is at fault or the department, and so many others.
3.Webmaster: there are two buildings I know in Akungba that is always filled with crowd anytime of the day; plenty and rubbish (food restaurant) and Webman's office. He is in charge of every issue, of a truth he is trying but only a man should not be on over 8000 students.
4. Lack of adequate transport scheme: AAUA is having her population increased than ever Before. Over 2000 students were newly admitted yet the same number of tricycle and "agolo" remained. We have not more than 12 of these vehicles and not up to 8 are working.
5. Lack of electricity: the Akungba community is synonymous to darkness. It is a well known fact that electricity does not exist in the community, while it does in its nearest community, Ikare. Why can't Akungba have power if Ikare can? The number of students that troop out of the school after evening class is so massive. Students go to the Church, mosque, shops, class, restaurant, offices even exam hall with charger just to charge up their devices. Am of the opinion that the amount that if students in Akungba can have power supply the amount used for the distribution would be less than the amount school use to run those gigantic generators. At the absence of electricity, it should not surprise you students still pay #2000 per annum.
6: Security: there has been a lot of cases where students are been harassed, Molested, and assaulted by indigenes.
All these conjured with the loss of a colleague would have caused the peaceful protest which was latter hijacked by hoodlums, miscreants and "cause troubles". The damage has been done, but this is an appeal to the school management to tamper justice with mercy, correct us as a father would to his child with love, re-regulate the once stable academic calendar.
Recommendations; in other to forestall a reoccurrence of this ugly incident, the following should be considered;
A. Building road bumps a mile before and after the school gate just as we have in FUTA and the school premises, in order to limit driving speed.
B. Provision of more health facility
C. Seeing to the problem of electricity in the host community.
D. Provision of more campus shuttle.
E. Reduction in charged penalty fees.
F. Provision of security in collaboration with the host community security agent

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