A Common Syndronme: Students Remember God During Exams

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I have so many questions to ask and l pray l get answers to all of them.

I have noticed in my years as a student that there is a particular time students draw closer to God more than ever and at that time, even the worse students in campus are humbled.

Yes, your guess is as good as mine and it has sprung so many questions to be asked. During exam periods, different fellowships in school no longer evangelize for members because they would not even have enough space to accommodate those who will join in their prayers during the period of exams. And I ask, why will students recognise God only during this period?

Since the exams started, the school Chaplaincy as well as the Catholic Cathedral have had course to call for extra seats for students and this does not usually happen when the school is in it's normal session. How about the former matriculation ground of the university in the evenings? Students who are Christians do all their best possible to be in Church preceeding the day their exams are to begin so they can get exam prayers from the Man of God.

Those who didn't quite perform well in the exams on a particular day troop out to any exam prayer available at the moment in order to ask God for favour and those who were involved in exam malpractice also do same to solidify their expected good grades.

The painful fact still really remains that students still fail and in some cases, not one but so many courses. In my opinion, we should be closer to God as students on a daily basis and not waiting till when the exams are knocking.

What is your view on this?

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