A Chat With Self-Employed Student, Moyosola Masojo

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As a students you must be thinking big and give yourself some training while in school or should I say an impact on your life rather than been idle.
Where you can look back and say yes I can.

What is self-employment? It is define as working for oneself rather than for an employer.
I know you have a lot on your mind why can't you make good use of it even while in school or what did you think?

You know what? Today I ve a campus babe here, that want you to know the secret behind not just the good looks of hers but intelligent brain that gives ideas about how she earns good decent money apart from her pocket money.
Here we go,

ALEXIARDOR: Hey wat up babe, tell us your name please,
MOYOSOLA: My name is Moyosola Masojo i am a 300level phycology unilorin student
ALEXIARDOR: Wow such a nice name tell me that little secret behind this gorgeous looks of yours!
MOYOSOLA: It is my business oohooh! I sell clothes both fairly use and new clothes for ladies which comes in styles such like mango tops, bumshort, pencil trouser, shirt, jackets skirts e.t.c. Also they come in variety fashion designers like atmosphere, h&m, mark and so on
ALEXIARDOR: When and how did you start?
MOYOSOLA: Let me say long enough like four years now
I started in lasu then I gained admission here I started at 200 level and it is still growing
ALEXIARDOR: what makes you choose selling clothes of all business?
MOYOSOLA: I'm a fashion conscious person I love fashion and clothes, that was how it all started when I see a nice cloth, I like so much. I just have to buy it whether it not my size or not.
Later I will be like ha! Why did I buy it then someone will like it and say I ll buy it. sometimes it not about the money but when you see the cloth on your customers, it makes me feel really happy and satisfied.
Alexiardor: What has your business taught you as a self-employed person?
MOYOSOLA: It has taught me to be skillful, how to advertise,marketable,productive,how to be confident,how to be tactical,how to attract customer e.t.c.
ALEXIARDOR: Babe don't be stingy,what advice do you have for other students both male and female?
MOYOSOLA: I Will say the fact you see your friends selling clothes does not mean you should do the same business. you know we have passion for different things, so because it is an unhidden passion within you which is not materialistic or monetary, it keeps the business going.
You have to know about it. you have to be persuasive, smart, and defend wat you selling. Buy something in vogue in that trends and when customers wears it and people sees it they will appreciate it so much, that they can come back to buy more.
ALEXIARDOR: Thanks for the patient in answering all this questions.
MOYOSOLA: It is my pleasure.
ALEXIARDOR: Thanks to you all and happy weekend.

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