A Campus Day Without My Voice

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I wake up this morning as sun glitters my eyes I blink and look up at the clock which says its 7.00am. Gosh! I tapped my roomy,
Hey wake up it 7:00am we are going to get late for the 8:00 lecture.
Surprisedly what came out of my throat was a thick coarse, deep unfamiliar voice which left nothing to be recognised.
My roommate looked at me in surprise "what wrong she asked? I could not believe what is happening, so I close my eyes and counted one to five. Then open my eyes and screamed yet all that came out was like a whimpers such that come out from a dog in pain.
Unfortunately, it brought the attention of some of my hostel mate to my room, it sounded funny to them, but it was not a joke to me. it seems cruel to me, because I felt I have been cheated upon by something. It was my first time to realise what cattarh and cold can do to someone. It steals you of your voice.
Little did I know what it will pull me through by the end of the day. I started thinking, how will I stop a taxi? How will I be able to communicate with my friends in school. All through the day, I use my facial expressions and gestures to communicate. It was not enough for me. if I try to talk, I whine like a lonesome dog.
My little experience makes me to wonder what will it be like a day without language? just imagine!
Language is a means of communication used by humans like nods, gestures, winks, smiles, symbols, code, sirens e.t.c. but all these systems of communication are extremely limited. Why? Became they are not comprehensible and flexible as language is.
Language is indeed important to humans that is difficult to think of a society without language. It gives shape to peoples thoughts guides and control their activities. It is wide because it is a carrier of civilization and culture as humans thoughts and philosophy are conveyed from one generation to another through the medium of a language.
As we breathe, so is language because it is valuable possession of man.
Well you must be wondering what later became of me with the blows of cattarh and cold. I took some drugs by the next day I was able to welcome my voice from the land of strangeness back to the land of the human language.

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