Why I Deserve to Become the New Face Of Campus - By Aliyu Naomi

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My name is Aliyu Naomi, hail from kogi state, olamaboro local government. An undergraduate for now. I got the information about the face of campus season 111 from my Facebook page, I then followed the link so as to enable me register. Wow I could not wait for the contest to kick off so I could start voting. When the voting finally kicked off, I was so excited because I knew I was gonna be the winner.
I deserve to win the contest because, participating in a photo contest have always been my childhood dream. And that was why I had to dedicate one week of sleepless night, so as to enable me vote once in an hour.
I think I deserve nothing else but to be the winner.
Thank you.


missglamour-23     Dec 9 2014

nice essay writting

Cyndi_Pearly     Dec 9 2014

Good ..... Ride on

Thespian_Nature_Edet001     Dec 9 2014

When your dreams are great, your realities should be greater! Bigger you girl!

mizviki     Dec 9 2014

Dream chaser

Pancy_Egor     Dec 9 2014

cool...wish ya well

pearl     Dec 9 2014

ok oooh. success

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

God Help Us Achieve Greater Success!

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

You are a winner already!!

skyface     Dec 9 2014

That not bad keep it up

Official_OYL     Dec 9 2014

Special post. Lovely

mayybel     Dec 9 2014

Good ma'am

puritymhiz     Dec 9 2014

hmmm nice one

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

All the best dear.

puritymhiz     Dec 9 2014

hmmmmmm hardwork I must say

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014