Why I Deserve to Become the New Face Of Campus - By Adesokan Oluwatosin

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I am writing with great enthusiasms and zest to the respect that I deserve to become the New Face of Campus, which I have been waiting an opportunity like this for me to write.

Firstly, I will like to say a very big Thank You to the organisers of Face of Campus Contest. I believe that the person to become the Face of Campus is what matters a lot for the recognition and on going of the contest annually.
In other words it will be so hideous that a nerd is made the Face of Campus. Though I am not trying to make Sophisticated or coaxing on this issue to win, yet I am standing my ground to say, if it is to be considerate critically, without an iota of doubt, I deserve to become the New Face of Campus because you have to agree in other not to disagree with me that the Face of Campus ought to be a Photogenic Mogul and I am.

Nevertheless, do not misquote me and say that I am perfect or I am trivialising my other contestants, No!, I said no in capital letters because nobody is perfect and I'm not trivialising others, but the truth has to be told. In addition, I so much believe that this contest did not start this year, thus in the previous years, people have been emerging as the face of campus, which without doubts, they satisfied certain conditions to becoming the Face of Campus before getting to that position.
In the same path, we the contestants of the Face of Campus have satisfied, but I, myself, has gone the extra mile to satisfy extra conditions.

The main reason I want to become the Face of Campus is because I want to create a way for my self and am looking forward, that Face of Campus will be the starting point for me. Although my personality loves anything that has to do with fashion and modelling yet I have not really been into it due to some reasons, but with face of campus i will fulfil my dreams and desire. If this really works out and I emerge as the winner, then I am sure of going farther than this and also becoming better. I believe I have what it takes to become the winner and I also deserve it.

Moreover, I soothe "God created everybody ordinary but it take those who go to do the extra mile to become extra ordinary". Therefore, since I have satisfied extra conditions needed to become the new Face of Campus ( i.e fashion, photogenic, brilliant, stunner, slayer, etc mogul).
So, this has been able to juxtapose and explain briefly well why I deserve to become the new Face of Campus, Season III, 2016.

Thank You!!


missglamour-23     Dec 9 2014

i like ur essay

missglamour-23     Dec 9 2014

nice essay dear

Iyanu_luv2     Dec 9 2014

Lovely dress and nice colour combination......kip it going

chiamaka     Dec 9 2014

wish u luck d lord is ur strength

Ruthosas     Dec 9 2014

good luck to u dear

Thespian_Nature_Edet001     Dec 9 2014

Your grammar sef! You're looking good dear! Best of lucks!

Pancy_Egor     Dec 9 2014

you rock bae

Pancy_Egor     Dec 9 2014

Zee issa bae

Pancy_Egor     Dec 9 2014

Slay queen

Enny     Dec 9 2014

wish u d best

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

Zee is cute

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

I'm looking good must commend myself

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

You are a winner already!!<br /> <br /> God Help Us Achieve Greater Success!

kween_nuella     Dec 9 2014

U go gurl.... u deserve ds absolutely

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Wishing you the best all the way.