Why Do Men Like To Give Campus Girls A ride?

Why Do Men Like To Give Campus Girls A ride?
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  •  bukie bukie

    Why Do Men Like To Give Campus Girls A ride?

    Early this Tuesday morning as I was on my way to school, late and running to catch a cab, which sadly has become a constant routine such that my hostel mates have tagged me with it.

    There as they yelled, "Latey," "Latey", I scurried off out of my room to the road laughing sheepishly.

    Wait o, my lateness was not always me, it was due to the heavy traffic that has enveloped Unilorin area and the constant crowd of students also seeking to reach school early as I was or else I am a punctual girl. **GRINS**

    Well traffic has become the a big problem for most Unilorin students which still prevails. Buh today seems to be one of that fine-girl-gets-a-lift day. Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when a man pulled off this fine looking light black Jeep right in my front. Oh no I was crazy inside: I just got a free ride!

    I approached the car like one call girl being picked up by one of his customers. Lol! *SMILES*

    This was a fine looking big man and as usual I was patiently waiting for what men know how to do best: toast any girl they pick up (damn, did I Just say that. Forgive me guys)

    Without dulling my man gave me his pick up line, " uhmmm Pele……are you the one all those boys inside taxi are stealing a look at?."

    “Geh Geh Geh!” I said in my head, “I am about to pay for this ride”.

    “Oh really”....I replied shyly. Already I knew where the talk was heading to...
    Next he proceeded by asking for my name, department, level and as well as my state of origin which I replied without any desire to lie to him like I would usually do in this situation. 

    “The problem you students are going through is just too much when it comes to going to school and going home. The school admin is still giving out promise....they will provide 8 more school buses etc."

    Then he said, despite the fact that most of we students made our parents suffer to get tuition fee we girls still don’t know what we wanna do with our lives. (are you confused….me sef don’t know where that came from)

    In fact the man sabi yarn tori ehh….he was trying hard to keep up with discussion.

    He went ahead to gist me about the exam he conducted last semester where, unfortunately for a very pretty lady who gotmuddled in examination malpractice. She just cautiously placed her expos under her question paper, buh started to shiver when she felt her had been discovered.

     The man in his gist said he was just too disappointed in her.... How could a very pretty lady like yourself do this much? The minutes and hours you applied all these makeups of yours might have stopped you from doing this if you had spent it on your books.... So the lady started begging and along the way she quietly requested for his digits which to him got him angrier.

    I sighed knowing all the stories is still coming back at me buh I kept giving him my fake broad smile and I thought " if I could just get to school".

    Getting to faculty of education, he started checking stuffs on his phone.

    “Choi, the hour h
    as arrived….Must you request for my line?” I said to myself. Finally as we got to  senate building which I presume his office is he said "gimme your number" which I quickly did without hesitation because I was late for my lectures after spending hours waiting for taxi in town.

    He later said I should come by in the evening to see him in his office. Uhnuhn office kor officer ni... Mtcheww FOR YOUR MIND!!!

    Could men ever give a free ride from their heart? Eh men!?

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    • Dyz- on Oct 7, 2017

      Lolz..dats majorly in nigeria


    • Manuel_9595 on Sep 27, 2017

      D blame is nt always on d men ooo,course even d female student like to show off sometimes


    • chosen111 on Sep 14, 2017

      That one no fit happen for naija...naija no get free ride oh!


    • seanmozilla on Sep 14, 2017

      Men ehn???they would never offer their male counterpart a free ride


    • AnnaBella5 on Aug 31, 2017

      Girls and lift


    • Tegoma on Aug 21, 2017

      Lmao. Niqer area


    • sPeciaL on Sep 6, 2016

      Lol...that's men for you



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